TONY N’ TINA’S WEDDING (Off-Broadway Revival)

“As Tony and Tina, [Joe] Ferraro and [Marilia] Angeline are like a perfectly made cannoli—sweet with a bit of texture. They interact with guests, hit their marks and ride the roller coaster that has been in the making for nearly 35 years.” “..this bright, young cast serves up lots of crass and sass…” –The Broadway Blog

“…the innovative, improvising, hysterical actors make sure this is never the same show twice…” –TheaterMania

“…you will have a blast at the wedding of Valentina Lynne Vitale and Anthony Angelo Nunzio—Tony and Tina, played by Joe Ferraro and Marilia Angeline. As an interactive theatrical experience, the success of this production hinges largely on the commitment of the actors, and this cast was flawless.” –The Public Reviews

“…adventure in lowbrow crowd-pleasing…It’s a sweet pileup of actual and phony, of performance and reality, and you briefly exist on both sides of the line simultaneously.” –The New York Times

“…the actors lovingly embrace working class Italian-American stereotypes…” “Tina (Marilia Angeline) seems like a sweet girl at first, but it won’t be long before she’s lap dancing on her new hubby and lip-syncing to Britney Spears with her bridesmaids after downing too many shots.” –Broadway World


“I was asked by the warm but so cool Zelda [Marilia Angeline] (one of my favorite people aboard!) if there was anything I wanted to leave out of the room, material or non-material. I was feeling a little anxious that day, so I had Zelda remove my anxiety and leave it outside.” “It was a totally unpredictable, bizarre, experience. But I have to say, I was into it the whole time.” –Theatre is Easy

“FLIGHT 18- The Cosmic Joyride” is just that. A Performance Art space trip through the universe performed by an attractive, lively cast of Flight Attendants (dancers, singers, actors) in the manner of a structured “Happening” from the ‘60’s. –Lively Arts


“Eerily dead-on actors…an essential experience for natives, longtime residents, and out-of-towners alike.” –Flavorpill

“What’s so special and remarkable about Accomplice is the characters you meet along the way. They don’t just give you the next clue; they keep you laughing all the way.” –Huffington Post

“Like being in the middle of the Michale Douglas movie, ‘The Game’.” –The New York Times

“Ingenious and unique, don’t miss!” –Time Out New York